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Are there any adverse effects of taking supplements
Supplement therapies are typically very safe. A small percentage of people may experience some discomfort when taking certain nutrients. Determining the right dosage and form of supplementation is important. A practitioner will evaluate each case individually and prescribe nutrients and dosages suitable to their patient.
Is there evidence for the benefits of supplements?
The composition of the products is carried out according to scientific criteria, including on the basis of studies that shed light on the use of micronutrients and the influence of diet in various applications. We would advise our customers to educate themselves on the benefits of nutrients and their roles within our physiology, as we have many resources on the site, in the Healthy Living section of our Website describing what nutrients fulfil what roles in our bodies and how our supplements provide these nutrients within our products.
Will a healthy diet meet my needs for micronutrients?
That's quite right, if one is healthy and has no special dietary requirement, it certainly should. The prerequisite is that you're always balanced, varied and fed with fresh ingredients. Sick, convalescents and people in special situations such as pregnancy often have increased needs, which your dietary intake may not always cover. In these cases it may be advisable that you take micronutrients.
What are the functions/ benefits of the individual micronutrients?
Micronutrients have many positive traits and characteristics, which has been confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). A description of the most important micronutrients according to the requirements of EFSA can be found in the Healthy Living section of our Website.
Why are there two different forms of the product - capsules and powder?
This is purely down to indivdual preference. There is no scientific rationale behind one form over the other.
Does fertilsan M contain gluten?
fertilsan M is gluten-free. This information can also be found in the package insert of the respective product.
Does fertilsan M include fructose?
The fructose content of Amitamin products is dependent on the dosage form. If you have any questions, please call us or email us on
Does fertilsan M contain lactose?
fertilsan M is lactose-free. This information can also be found in the package insert of the respective product.
What else is special about fertilsan M?
fertilsan M is also hypoallergenic, GMO-free, and Amitamin carry out no animal testing for their products.
Where are the products manufactured?
fertilsan M is manufactured in Germany, with production based in Germany and is an authorised bearer of the European Trustmark.